We Are Muslim Textbook 4A

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Dr.Tasneem Ghazi
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We are Muslim-is a textbook written for the Aqidah,Fiqh and Akhlaq syllabus for Primary 4 as part of the Curriclum Delevelopmenti Projes by MUIS. 


The textbook offers a new approach to the teaching and learning of Aqidah,Fiqh and Akhlaq. It introduces the basies tenets of Islamic faith, Islamic ways of Ibadah and helps pupils to learn and practice Islamic manners ,especially in family relationships.


The lessons are organized by themes related to Arkam al- Iman, Islamic ways of Ibadah and Islamic Akhlaq.It  is written in simple English with lots of interesting and exciting for the pupils.


It is hoped that the textbook will help to develop their understanding on their identify as Muslims and adopt Islamic etiquettes and manners in their daily activities.